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MFR de Rumengol
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Vocational Education and Training (V.E.T.)

With a Strong Work Experience (1)

(1) For ‘Bac Pro’ (Three-Year Technical High School Students) or B.T.S. (Two-Year Technical College Students).

The Rumengol Vocational Education and Training School is first and foremost an association of families and professionals with a structured way of learning that combines in-class learning with periods of actual work.

Our V.E.T. Placements can give you a taste of real-life work experience to help you decide whether this is the good career path for you and to network with employers. They may also open you up to possibilities you wouldn’t have considered or known about otherwise.

Our School provides a top notch Education that takes into consideration the latest theories and approaches, the development and progression of our students through their various V.E.T. Placements