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MFR de Rumengol
Technical Degree
Field: technical sales (technical salesperson)

Our specific V.E.T. will help you build up the required skills to conduct sales/purchasing transactions and to fully participate in and integrate yourself into a company’s strategy and management.

Throughout your Education, you will undergo V.E.T.  Placements to learn how to:

-          Manage customer relationship within a commercial company;

-          Develop your understanding of products from the food sector;

-          Participate in marketing practices;

-          Improve your English overseas.

These placements can be carried out in Banks, Insurance Companies, Real Estate Agencies, Superstores, Supermarkets, Specialized Stores, or Agro-Businesses.

Your academic programme is primarily focused on the following fields:

General academic programme: Communication, Expression, Sales Drive and Documentation Techniques, English, Economics, Management, Law.

Professional academic programme: Commercial and Negotiation Techniques, Specific Field Product Technology.

Specific academic programme: Business Project and Professional Action Plans, Job Search Techniques, Advertising Creativity.