MFR de Rumengol MFR de Rumengol
Route du Cranou
29590 Le Faou - FRANCE
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MFR de Rumengol
Technical High School Diploma
Field: sales (technical advisor)

Our specific V.E.T. will help you discover the many faces of commerce and the various sales techniques.

Throughout your Education, you will undergo V.E.T.  Placements to learn how to:

-          Check, Prepare and Sell with the unfailing commitment to answer customers’ needs with the best quality;

-          Provide information on products’ features and origins;

-          Manage a sales area with the key techniques to meet the objectives;

-          Participate in the management of a team’s work;

-          Integrate yourself into a new working environment.

Your academic programme is primarily focused on the following fields:

General academic programme: French, Computer Science, Mathematics, English, Economics, Chemistry, Biology, P.T.

Professional academic programme: Marketing, Merchandising, Sales Techniques, Business Management, Business English, e-Commerce, Product Features.